California World War 1 Centennial Advisory Council

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Bill Betten is a retired award winning teacher and band director of over thirty years. He has been instructing writing to California students for more than three decades, and was also a program analyst for the California Department of Public Health with the California Department of Education.

He has been published in trade journals and newspapers, and has just completed a historical novel based upon the true stories of his grandfather. The book series  called “Doughboys” focuses on the events surrounding unknown heroes of World War One. He is also the founder of, a website devoted to bring an awareness of the atmosphere, issues, and tools specific to the U. S. Soldier in World War One, and to dispel misconceptions about the war and the part the AEF (American Expeditionary Force) played in it.

Bill holds three degrees from California colleges and universities and lives with his wife in the foothills below Lake Arrowhead.

Why NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer)

Bill did not wish to claim authority for an official position like chairman or president. But, since a title needed to be stated he felt it more appropriate to be recognized as a soldier than as a general. He says, “Since there was not an official state commission at the founding of the Advisory Council, it was only right that as a volunteer in a ‘non-commissioned state,’ I should hold a non-commissioned officer title, hence NCO.”

You can email Bill directly at: